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Focuses on the segment's pain points to deliver an engaging message about the solution(s) they need. "Content is King, but Context is God." -Gary Vaynerchuk




My background is like a yummy stack of pancakes. The pancake base is inborn creativity mixed with characteristics of integrity, the syrup is marketing experience blended with a sense of responsibility, and the flavorful toppings are the various projects that have been on my plate sprinkled with lots of accountability.

I ain't crazy, I just have an unhealthy appetite with digital, UX/UI, copywriting, design...

oh yeah, and my mom's banchan and kimchi.

I've driven the execution of asset development, designed and improved processes to zero-in on efficiencies, polished website architecture, cultivated partnerships, and fortified teams. With a creative approach, I collaborate with different Stakeholders to hatch ideas with a focus towards growth. Plus, my hands-on experience means I have a great know-how of efforts on the execution side that helps bring a campaign to fruition.

Swipe left to check out some of the projects I've undertaken.

Uses data to test against creativity that drive action

...because attention span: Goldfish=9 seconds, Human=7 seconds. YIKES!



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