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Firing on all cylinders by harnessing the power of talent and passion.
I was once hired to manage creative a team that had lost their enthusiasm and morale. Hell-bent on transforming the dynamics of the department, I led through leadership and guidance.
Not only did the difference show in initiative, collaboration, and deliverables, together we were able to significantly slash creative costs and really own the work by bringing agency-executed projects in-house.
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I worked under Jenn when I was a graphic designer at Innovative. She headed marketing and creative of an extremely fast-paced department. As our manager, Jenn's leadership changed the morale of the team. She encouraged us to give thoughts, feedback, and to share ideas. It was a very enriching experience working under a professional like her.


Jenn streamlined processes between departments to create efficiencies with communication, project timelines, and always rooted consistency, quality, and best procedures into all projects. In my opinion, the new photo and video shoots under her direction were the biggest creative accomplishments that elevated the image of the brand.

David S. - Graphic Designer, Innovative Concepts and Design

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Gets others involved as Stakeholders to create a positive effect that's much greater than the total of an individual's endeavor. #MORETOGETHER




Assertive and diplomatic
Innately creative
Remains human and modest
like a motha'
Builds a genuine culture within a team
Excites a shared vision
Gives high 5s &
credit where it's do
Keeps it chill
under pressure
Recognizes strengths in others
Always thinking, "how can we make it better?"
Dynamic Jenga-like team builder
Stays open to new ideas
Integrity that
"walks the walk"
Project juggler
professional growth
Extinguishes fires
like baking soda

Relishes making amazing connections and making things unfold - in work, in life, and in animal well-being.

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